| December 8, 2022

Creating value via co-locating batteries

This is a recording of the Smart Energy Council webinar held on 7 December 2022 “Creating value via co-locating batteries” – brought to you by GridBeyond

This webinar will explore:

– Advantages of co-location of batteries with solar

– How advanced optimisation helps capture the full value of a solar installation

– The importance of market forecasting in ensuring that co-located assets achieve their full value potential

– The importance of revenue stacking, dispatch optimisation, and auction strategies in co-located asset optimisation

Thank you to our host John Grimes, Chief Executive, Smart Energy Council as well as our fantastic speakers Ed Chan, Director, Australian Energy Market Commission (AEMC), Lisa Balk, Sales Director, Australia GridBeyond and Chris Smith, Asset Development Director, GridBeyond



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