| July 26, 2021

Choosing the Right Hybrid Inverter for Your Customer

This is a recording of the Smart Energy Council webinar,’ Choosing the Right Hybrid Inverter for Your Customer’ held on 08 July 2021 in partnership with Solis.

This webinar will explore how to correctly choose a hybrid inverter, including correctly sizing the inverter, reviewing loads, choosing a smart meter, the future of FiT’s and the value of adding a battery – it’s not about ROI.

We also look at the value of hybrid versus AC coupled batteries, including standards requirements for each. We will briefly examine national battery subsidies, and hear from leading hybrid inverter manufacturer Solis on the key product features and benefits that are available.

An excellent hybrid inverter webinar not to be missed.

Thanks again to our expert speakers:

– Sophie Wright, RACV Solar – Future proofing for your customer

– Glen Morris, Smart Energy Lab – The value of a Hybrid vs AC coupled batteries

– Louis Edwards, Plenti – The battery subsidies available – how does that change the way you approach a consumer

– Jefferson Zhu, Solis



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