| March 3, 2021

Big Batteries: Strengthening Our Grid

This is a recording from the Smart Energy Council webinar ‘Big Batteries – Strengthening our Grid,’ held on 30 March 2021 in partnership with Sungrow.

Big Batteries are increasingly being deployed across the grid. From planned 700MW ‘mega batteries’ to smaller neighborhood scale batteries, as well as off grid (and microgrid) batteries…

Special thanks to our fantastic speakers:
– Host – John Grimes, CEO, SEC
– Defining the Need for Large on-grid Batteries – David Leitch, Owner, ITK
– Australian Market Outlook for Big Batteries – Monique Miller, Executive Director in the
Investment Team, CEFC
– The Sungrow Solution – Deepak Nayak, Sales Manager, Sungrow Australia

We discussed:
1. A review of the market and drivers for Big Batteries in the Australian Market
2. A Big Battery reference case study
3. How Big Batteries can help strengthen our Grid



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