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Based in the Riverland of South Australia, Yates Electrical Services (YES GROUP) have been delivering high quality construction services to the renewable energy sector since 2004. Established by Riverland local Mark Yates, the company has been instrumental in the development of numerous renewable high-voltage projects across Australia, including High voltage substation construction and wind and solar farm project development. Over the last 5 years, YES Group has developed and constructed over 80 solar farms in the sub 5MW market, managing 100% of the renewable energy generation offtake into the National Electricity Market through its YES Energy Retail business.

YES Group also operate within the residential and commercial energy space, having provided over 1,500 homes and businesses throughout South Australia with both renewable and energy storage solutions.

In 2016, YES Group launched their Redmud Green Energy project, which aimed to provide land-owners and investers opportunities to integrate large-scale renewable energy assets into their existing farming practices. With over 100 solar farms now developed throughout the state constituting nearly 50% of all registered renewable energy developments, YES Group have now solidified themselves as a key player in the South Australian energy generation mix.

In 2020, YES Group also launched the newest arm of their business, YES Energy, which operates as a retail market participant. This addition was important to situate YES Group as a vertically integrated company with the ability to not only generate energy, but to now also sell that generation to an end-user.

YES Group continue seeking new and exciting ways to create employment opportunities for locals, while unlocking new technologies and markets which have previously not been accessible to rural communities. With a strong focus on regional development, YES Group seek to not only increase revenue streams generated within local communities, but to also retain that revenue, assisting these communities to strengthen and grow into a green energy future.