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Teho is on a mission to become Australia's largest renewable energy company.

We are solar and battery experts, hyper focused on helping Australians make the switch to renewable energy. We do this by employing and empowering the greatest talent in the Country, partnering with world leading manufacturers that create world class products and we have them installed by the best electricians in the country. It is that simple.

If any of this resonates with you, you resonate with Teho:

⚡ Are you sick of paying electricity bills?
⚡Do you want to accelerate your home's electrification?
⚡Do you want to help make a better world for generations to come?
⚡Do you run a small business and want more cash flow?
⚡Do you want to increase your home's independence?
⚡Are you passionate about the environment and renewable energy?
⚡Do you want to maximise your home's resilience?

….you get the idea

Everyday that goes past that you don’t have solar on your roof or a battery on your wall is a day wasted.

⚡☀️🔋Don’t wait, speak to Teho today and join the renewable revolution. 🔋☀️⚡