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Star Scientific Limited


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PO Box 656, Gordon NSW 2072
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  • Matthew Hingerty
  • Deputy Chairman | Deputy CEO | Head of Business Development


Star Scientific Limited is a private research and development company located on the Central Coast, north of Sydney, Australia and south of the industrial port of Newcastle. It was founded by Andrew Horvath in 1997.  The company and its subsidiaries currently engage 25 staff in Australia and Europe, across science, engineering, corporate and finance divisions.  It is governed by a Board of Directors of which Andrew Horvath is Chair. 


Star Scientific discovered and developed a breakthrough technology for converting hydrogen into heat without combustion – the Hydrogen Energy Release Optimiser, or HERO®. 


HERO® is unique. It has been patented globally and has no competitor.  


While hydrogen is enjoying significant global attention at present, and in particular “green” hydrogen developed from sustainable energy sources such as wind, solar and pumped hydro, there is a gap in the deployment of hydrogen for industrial purposes.  


Contemporary thinking limits the application of hydrogen for industrial uses to blending with other gases, combustion, via fuel cell technology or as industrial feedstock.  All have their limitations for large-scale, continuous, ecologically sustainable, scalable application.


HERO® changes this.  It is the missing link in the hydrogen supply chain, turning hydrogen into continuous industrial heat without combustion, allowing it to achieve its full potential. This ranges from the heaviest of industry such as coal-fired power stations and industrial boilers, through to scaled-down local assets for specific locations such as district heating and desalination.


The application of HERO® is global in scope and Star Scientific believes it will usher in a new industrial age that will make cheap, safe, reliable clean energy available to everyone. This will impact a variety of communities, from developing countries who do not have access to reliable power right through to larger economies who want to accelerate their energy transition.


Star Scientific’s HERO® technology won the S&P Global Platts, Global Energy Awards’ Emerging Technology of the Year category in December 2020, and the Sustainable Energy Council’s inaugural World Hydrogen Awards’ Industrial Application category in March 2021.


The time for HERO® is now. 


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