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The world’s most complete solar design software

From small residential installations, complex off-grid systems and large-scale infrastructure projects; SolarPlus is driving the future of home and business electrification.

SolarPlus is the complete sales, installation and sales solution. Designed by leading industry experts to help you win new business, save time and maximise profits.

Powerful Design - As simple or as complex as you need for each project. Whether you need access to advanced modelling tools to prove return on investment or you simply want to give your sales reps the ability to generate proposals fast; build your business your way with SolarPlus

Flexible mapping options - Map imagery to suit every budget, including high-res images from MetroMap and Nearmap as well as stunning 3D visualisation.

Detailed Finance & Energy Modelling - Detailed savings and financial analysis, including peak demand reporting, peak shaving and a lifetime cash flow breakdown.

Smart Energy Simulator - The new simulation engine takes savings modelling well beyond solar and batteries; adding hot water, load shifting & EV smart chargers – demonstrating to customers how multiple savings stack up.

Compliance Workflow - A complete compliance workflows including compliant design checks, Job Safety Analysis & one-click system handover manual.

Integrated Sales - A built in CRM to track sales from enquiry to installation and fully customisable proposals design to generate sales.


Join us for a live webinar to see the software in action and ask any questions directly to the SolarPlus team:

Residential Solar Design Software Webinar

Commercial Solar Design Software Webinar

Off-grid Solar Design Software Webinar