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I Guess From the very start the company brief was relatively simple. After many  years in the industry, we had a very clear view on what customers expectations are and how they weren’t being met. So, we built the company based on 3 simple things

ü  Affordability

ü  Reliabilty

ü  And ethics

By aligning with the leading suppliers in the industry, the likes of Longi and Sungrow companies that have been around for over 20 years, constantly spending millions of dollars on R&D, has allowed us to offer a consistent product we know works and will keep working. We don’t offer mixed bags of panels and inverters that might be on special that month, we have invested heavily in our stock so we maintain a reliable consistent supply chain.

. Our customer care team monitor all our systems from our control room and often we’ve contacted our customer before they even know they’ve got a problem. So

Our onsite testing and training lab has allowed us to upskill not only our installation teams but give our sales teams invaluable hands-on training so they can provide reliable ethical information