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Seven years ago, Social Energy set out on a journey to create an energy company that rewarded its customers for playing their part in protecting our planet. Following years of work, the business commercially launched in 2018 and have already built a community of thousands of homeowners with solar and batteries in the UK, with three offices across the country.

After becoming the world’s largest specialist energy retailer for homes with smart solar and battery technology, Social Energy have now set out on their next step, launching internationally, and helping thousands of Australian families start saving and creating a better energy future. Social Energy Australia launched in 2019, led by industry thought leader Chris Parratt, at an event in Melbourne’s Eureka Tower, attended by cricketing legend and company shareholder Shane Warne.

Social Energy’s pioneering team believe that the best way to make a real environmental change is to make green energy that pays. That is why they have developed market leading technology and energy plans that help homeowners to reduce their bills, so that going green becomes the obvious option.

Social Energy operate as an energy retailer. Whilst the retail side of the business acts as the frontend for customers to interact with, behind the scenes Social Energy is primarily a technology business, with a proprietary artificial intelligence platform developed in Oxford UK, which connects to the battery in customers’ homes to optimise the system and create additional revenue for customers.

Revenue is created by trading energy on the energy markets, as well as providing a contracted support service to help provide stability to the grid network. Social Energy’s artificial intelligence platform ingests 600 million data points annually per household, to analyse energy usage behaviors and outside factors, to best optimise the energy flowing through the customer’s battery. All this data is fed into the business’ machine learning model and used to automatically create trading instructions, enabling each battery to trade 100,000 times per year. Instructions are delivered through the Social Energy Hub, a cloud connected hardware device, available both as a standalone unit and integrated in some battery offerings.

For a customer, a full digital energy experience is ready in the palm of their hands, uniting solar monitoring, battery performance and health checks, and energy retail account management, all in one feature rich app, giving customers real insight about how their full system is performing, both financially and environmentally.