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80 Lewis Road WANTIRNA SOUTH, VIC, 3152 Australia
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  • Rod Scott


Our Vision, to play an essential role in global, sustainable energy.

Our history: Founded in 1964 by the Scott family, Selectronic Australia quickly established itself as a major manufacturer of custom-made transformers and inductors for the local electronics industry. In 1981, the company’s electronics products division was established to meet a need for quality power conversion products in the emerging renewable energy market. At a time when power inverters were new and renewable technologies were just starting to emerge, Selectronic Australia became an innovator in the field by producing its first power conversion product - a 360 Watt DC to AC modified square wave inverter. Driven by demand from the Solar industry and a passion for green energy, Selectronic Australia expanded its product offering. In 1994, the company produced one of the world’s first true sine wave inverters. This brand-new technology overcame the shortcomings of the modified square wave products and revolutionised the quality of the customer’s power in Renewable Energy systems. Selectronic Australia has grown through a philosophy of providing products and solutions that focus on the customer needs and today this second-generation family company manufactures a world class range of highly innovative and functional interactive inverters. Selectronic’s vast experience in battery storage systems ensures its inverters are compatible with solar, wind, hydro, microgrids and diesel generators and can be connected to most common battery banks. Using advanced technologies, Selectronic’s bi-directional inverter chargers form the heart of efficient, cost-effective storage based renewable energy systems offering grid independence, peace of mind, reliability and flexibility. Whether it be Hybrid-ready, Hybrid or complete Off-Grid, Selectronic Australia is committed to supplying renewable energy storage solutions around the world that are long lasting and environmentally responsible.