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SAJ Australia Pty. Ltd.


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Founded in 2005, SAJ is a leading global manufacturer of solar inverters. For years, SAJ has focused on residential & commercial solar PV sectors and provides customers with on-grid solar inverters from 0.7kW to 60kW, hybrid solar inverters, storage battery retrofit systems, and monitoring platforms. In 2017, SAJ was ranked among the Top 10 global band of residential solar inverters by IHS. In 2019, SAJ has achieved more than 25% market share of residential storage inverters in the Australian PV market. Its latest products R5 Rooftop Solar Inverter and Suntrio Plus Commercial Solar Inverter won “All Quality Matter” Award for home use and commercial use respectively by TüV Rheinland.

SAJ established a daughter company in Belgium through a global marketing strategy and established branch offices in Australia, Poland, Brazil, India and etc. SAJ Australia was therefore set up. SAJ Australia has set up a nationwide sales network in the country. With a local technical support team and warehouse in the area, SAJ Australia provides customers with fast-response services and helps Australian customers better enjoy solar photovoltaic power generation.