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Rimor Equity Research


Consulting & Professional Services


Remote working Sydney, NSW, 2041 Australia


  • Scott Ryall
  • Principal


Rimor Equity Research was founded in 2017 to offer a new sell-side equity research model in the Australian market, with a value proposition more aligned with buy-side investors. A range of structural and regulatory pressures on sell-side profitability has led to declining quality of investment research, a short-term focus on trading revenues and increasing conflicts of interest as other revenue streams fund research activities.

Rimor aims to be a critical provider of investment research to institutional buy-side investors delivering in-depth analysis, that is long-term in nature and different in both its scope and alignment with investors, where mutual trust leads to partnership. Within this, one area of specialty is deep knowledge of thematic issues that impact certain supply/value chains, particularly those where we can see significant change coming from new technology and/or regulation and identifying investment opportunities that come from such changes.