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Planet Ark Power is a leading Australian renewable energy company focused on providing comprehensive clean energy solutions that help businesses and organisations slash electricity costs and build a sustainable energy future. Our expertly engineered systems reduce businesses’ grid-supplied energy and demand charges, replacing them with clean solar power, battery storage, microgrid technology and improved efficiency. Our micro-grid systems enable businesses to access the benefits of exporting energy to the grid, revenue streams from demand response and allow network operators to smooth specific sections of the grid.

At our heart, we’re an innovative clean energy company with a remarkable depth of knowledge and experience in energy and solar power. We take a holistic approach to energy management, focusing on the commercial and industrial sectors, educational and health organisations and government facilities.

Established in 2014, we partnered with Planet Ark in 2017, one of the most trusted environmental brands in Australia. Planet Ark Planet Ark Power is an important initiative of Planet Ark encouraging a low carbon ecosystem by significantly growing commercial rooftop solar installations in Australia. 

In 2021, Planet Ark Power was appointed Master Licensee of the grid edge, eleXsys Energy Management platform for the Australian and New Zealand markets. 

eleXsys is an advanced power electronics device integrating a suite of artificial intelligence (AI) proprietary software applications enabling next-generation two-way smart grids. This award-winning technology platform manages the stability and resilience of distributed energy resources. With grid-forming capability, eleXsys can also be configured to integrate and enable more efficient off-grid microgrids.

With offices in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide, we have the capability to install systems almost anywhere in Australia.