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Overwatch Energy




Level 14, 88 Phillip Street, Sydney NSW 2000
1300 636 669



Overwatch Energy provides specialist National Electricity Market or ‘NEM’ operational services to owners, operators and asset managers of NEM-connected assets ranging from utility-scale through to sub 5MW solar, including batteries, VPPs, EV charging and hydrogen. 

Through its 24x7 control room staffed by experienced power sector professionals using fully digitised systems, Overwatch monitors and manages the output and performance of assets to maximise client revenues and minimise their costs. 

Overwatch also provides the reassurance of a 24x7 Australian-based contact and control function compliant with AEMO registration requirements.

Our services include real-time monitoring of dispatch targets and timely resolution of problems, real-time commercial rebidding – both manual and automated, high level plant control and co-ordination with O&M Contractors and asset managers, all brought together with strong reporting and analysis.  We also undertake settlements and other specialist management functions.

Overwatch clients generally have several years of operating history in the NEM themselves, so they have already experienced first-hand how challenging NEM operations can be.  They have entrusted Overwatch to give them peace of mind that their compliance requirements are being met, their revenues are being maximized and their costs minimized.