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At NRG Solar we believe that generating your own clean energy doesn’t have to be costly or confusing. NRG Solar is South Australia’s trusted provider of tailored solar solutions for home and business.

When NRG Solar began, our initial mission was to provide expert solar maintenance and repairs for people who found it difficult to get qualified solar technicians to work on their systems or had purchased solar from companies that were no longer in business.

We quickly earned a national reputation for providing expert solar panel system service and support. In the process of fixing failed and underperforming systems, we saw firsthand the results of previous installers who had been poorly trained, unaware of safe work practices and, oftentimes, plain lazy. We also came across many, many failing inverters. As a consequence of doing hundreds of repair jobs every year, we quickly learned which products were the best performers and which installation techniques were safest and most reliable.

Today, we design, sell, install and maintain premium, affordable solar panel and energy storage systems for homes and businesses. And our commitment to outstanding customer service, high quality products and unrivalled solar expertise is uncompromising.

Our mission is to ensure that every solar panel system in South Australia is safe, reliable and providing the best return-on-investment for its owner, to give you peace of mind now and into the future.