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Joseph Williams is a highly experienced and respected Senior Railway Engineers, one of the Australia’s most experienced electrical engineers, boasting over two decades of dedicated service in the rail industry.  He is the fellow of institute of Engineers Australia and Member of Institute of Railway Signalling Engineers. With a robust academic foundation in electronics, telecommunication, civil and transportation engineering, Joseph has consistently demonstrated his expertise in railway systems design, infrastructure development, and project management. His comprehensive understanding of both the technical and operational aspects of railway engineering has made him an invaluable asset to his employers and clients alike.

Joseph is also a Founder/MBA and Managing Director of MW Engineers for the past 20 years and now MW Engineers is known for quality, timely project delivery and meticulous attention to detail. Joseph and MW Engineers team are also a proactive problem-solver, adept at navigating complex challenges and delivering innovative solutions that enhance the reliability and performance of rail systems.

Beyond his technical prowess, Joseph is a passionate advocate for the future of telecommunication, regularly participating in industry conferences and contributing to professional publications. His commitment to continuous learning and improvement has kept him at the cutting edge of railway electrical engineering, ensuring that he remains a pivotal figure in the evolution of the rail industry.