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At MAC Trade Services, we don’t sell energy, we save it.

We believe the efficient electrification of our homes and businesses is vital for a sustainable future. Our mission is to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels by retrofitting appliances and installing clean energy sources to conserve energy. As a leader in energy efficiency and sustainability solutions, we upgrade more than 5,000 homes and businesses each year, making us one of the largest energy services companies in South Australia.

Our team provides a range of behind-the-meter energy services, including lighting upgrades, hot water, batteries, refrigeration, heating and cooling, and EV charging stations. Additionally, our in-house engineering team has designed, built, managed, and commissioned some of Australia’s most extensive solar and battery projects, building distributed energy resources and demand response assets throughout the National Energy Market. We also provide bespoke electrification, degasification and demand management solutions for commercial and industrial facilities including ‘Energy as a Service’ asset management and financing solutions

Our company values quality, reliability, and integrity, and our extensive network of skilled tradespeople to assist the largest energy retailers in meeting their annual emissions reduction targets. We are committed to making affordable and sustainable energy available to everyone and delivering our energy services differently by utilising state-based energy savings schemes to access subsidies for our customers, making our quality energy solutions more affordable.

At MAC Trade Services, we are proud to be a part of the energy revolution, helping to power our sustainable future by electrifying everything.