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LMS Energy is a specialist biogas renewable energy company with close to three decades of experience delivering successful waste-to-energy projects throughout regional and metropolitan Australia. The company’s bespoke in-house business model provides a comprehensive suite of the many specialised technologies and services required to develop and commercialise landfill based waste-to-energy and soalr projects. The LMS story began in 1982 (making it Australia's second oldest renewable energy company), when the company’s original founder, Emanuel Falzon, pioneered the collection and conversion of biogas-to-energy while seeking an alternative fuel source for the family’s brickyard business. The Falzon Landfill Gas Company was subsequently founded in 1988 as the country’s first commercial enterprise dedicated to the evolution of landfill biogas-to-energy technology. The company further evolved into LMS Energy, as it is known today, in 1996. LMS now proudly owns and operates 24 Biogas Renewable Energy Facilities, as well as an additional 18 Biogas Flaring Facilities. Furthermore, LMS was the first Australian company to successfully design and install a solar facility on a landfill and now successfully owns 5 solar facilities throughout the nation. Each year, these sites collectively generate over 430,000 megawatt (MW) hours of baseload renewable energy (enough to power 75,000 homes) and abate more than three million tonnes of carbon (CO2e) from the Earth’s atmosphere. These sites are changing the face of the waste management landscape and testify to LMS’ core company goals of protecting the environment, pioneering new technologies and delivering optimum returns for its project partners.