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If you’re buying for your business, Leda is a better way to pay. It’s the all-in-one account for all your business purchases. With Leda, you can access up to $250,000, and get up to 3 months free from interest and repayments.

If you’re selling to business, Leda is a smarter way to get paid. As a Leda merchant partner, you can attract new business customers who buy more, more often. Every time your customer pays with Leda, you get paid upfront. Never chase an invoice again.

Free up your cashflow

Get better payment terms with Leda Trade . Loaded with tools to help you
optimise your repayments. Your
account can be checked anywhere on
the go with the app. Be confident
knowing you get more time to pay
anywhere Leda Trade is accepted.

Run your business better

No more application forms. A single
trade account that you can use
anywhere Leda Trade is accepted.
Reduce your financial admin with a
platform that aggregates your business
expenses, so you have certainty when
repayments need to be paid.

More fuel to grow

Never say no to an opportunity again.
Leda Trade gives you a credit limit of up
to $250,000, which means you can
invest more in your business. Build
more products, stock up for the busy
season or scale up your ad spend and
make your voice louder.