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Starting in 2013 as installers for Tesla, we have since grown to offer services across Australia and New Zealand, with a particular focus on:

  • Helping vehicle OEMs introduce electric vehicles into the market by taking care of all things EV charging;
  • Helping property developers futureproof their developments with the right advice and appropriate options;
  • Working with businesses in their fleet transition strategy and operations;
  • Assisting consumer facing properties navigate options on public EV charging; and
  • Providing every day drivers with the best installation services available, and supplying cost effective solutions through our significant buying power.

Our mission is to accelerate EV adoption by reducing the barriers to EV charging. We do this by making EV charging safe, cost efficient and easy. We bring those values to every customer.

That’s why we have been recognised as the national recommended EV charging partner for the vast majority of EV brands in Australia. We currently service customers for Tesla, Volvo, Renault, Porsche, Audi, Jaguar, Land Rover, Hyundai, Nissan and KIA.

We helped to create Chargefox, the biggest EV charging network in Australia, including the country’s first ultra rapid charging network.

We've developed sophisticated EV charging processes for apartment complexes, so that EV owners in multi-dwelling blocks don't need to miss out on the convenience of at home charging, without any expense or additional admin for the body corporate.

We've done major deals with hardware manufacturers, to ensure that none of our clients are paying through the roof for hardware. Our buying power allows us to provide the best prices in the market without sacrificing quality or safety.

We helped to launch Australia’s first private EV car share: Ohmie Go.

Finally, we have created patented systems in house to allow ease of access to EV charging, such as credit card payment options, RFID readers, central load management systems and more.

What makes us different?  We're fanatical about electric cars.  Supplying, installing and maintaining chargers are the only things we do, and it means a better service for our clients.