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We are Tomorrow's Builders for Today - Providing Long Term Solutions Not Just Short Term Answers!

Helios Energy are dedicated to providing all of our clients and customers with outstanding service, high quality products, affordably priced solutions, and the highest level of electrical and engineering expertise in Australia.

At Helios Energy Specialists, we supply only world leading brands of renewable energy components, solar panels and inverters. By only using high-quality products we can assure and guarantee the longevity, efficiency and performance of your investment, which aligns to our own high standards of installation and workmanship.
The components that make up your overall solution includes but is not limited to; Solar Panels, Power Inverters, Rail & Mounting Systems, Electrical Cabling, Conduits, Isolators, Wires, Fuses and Switches.
We only source materials from brands and manufacturers who have themselves a long standing presence in Australia, these are brands we trust and provide long term industry leading warranties and support.
It is important right from the onset, to invest in high quality materials, components and expertise to ensure that your overall investment will work efficiently and consistently over the life of the system.
You would think that one solar system would be the same as another solar system? After all, solar panels have a 25-year performance warranty to them, so its ok when something goes wrong, right? Unfortunately, not quite!
In Australia today, the Clean Energy Council (CEC) has approved registration to over 101 solar panel manufacturers with over 5700 solar panels* (Numbers true and correct, based on data dated September 28th 2021) and over 100 inverter manufacturers with over 1400 inverters, all available for sale and installation across the country. As such, many solar companies and salespeople around Australia continue to use classic sales tactics that guarantee their particular brand of product is the one setting the standard for their unmatched quality. When you keep hearing this from 3, 4 even 5 different companies you begin to wonder. Salespeople will also throw the ‘German’ tag around without basis on fact or reality.
Fortunately there are many tools and resources available to disprove the bad from the good and better allow you to make an informed decision, since 2008 the Australian government has been funding the Desert Knowledge Australia (DKA) solar centre initiative in Alice Springs, this open access platform allows for the sharing of high quality data on many solar panels and manufacturers, the flagship initiative, is a solar power demonstration facility, committed to building harmony, sustainability and prosperity for all Australians.
Over the past 12 years DKA has shown that Q Cells have been the leading solar panel in production, efficiency and performance from day one, Q Cells is a German company that has been the leader in solar PV technology around the world for over 20 years.
With solar systems, quality is not just about performance, but also about reliability, longevity and safety. Our Q Cells based systems have been known to outperform some other systems by as much as 20%, which can be worth hundreds or even thousands of dollars per year in energy returns.
At Helios Energy our business model is founded on the principles of providing improvements to the environment at large and we continually prove our dedication through our selection of sustainably environmental solutions, renewable energy projects, recycling and waste management efforts, climate change and carbon footprint planning and beyond.
Furthermore, with corporate responsibility at the top of most of our client’s agendas, we truly believe we can nurture and provide the necessary assistance and guidance to help them meet their sustainable and environmental goals.
We strive to engage and advance our team, clients and partners toward a sustainable future. We behave responsibly and continually improve in all our activities within the workplace, the marketplace, the environment and communities.
Building a “Better World” is an inherent principal in what Helios Energy Specialists does in business and in how we live our lives as individuals.
We all aspire to leave a positive, lasting impact on people and the planet. Our organisation and our people are aligned with the critical demands of our fast-changing planet and environment.
Our growing footprint allows us to move the best technologies around the country to meet the needs of our clients, no matter where they are. Our position and service offerings in the eastern seaboard and the rest of the country are broad, deep and respected by both our peers and clients.
As a growing leader in our field and industries, we see first-hand how critical sustainable decisions are for life on Earth.
We continue to partner with organisations who strive to ensure every single community and every human being has access to sustainable resources of Energy and others. That’s why responsible energy management and effective environmental systems are so important to us.
A sustainable future for our planet and its people remain a top priority. To that end, we conduct and support educational outreach programs designed to address climate change and encourage sustainable practices.
We also recognise that the health of our planet is deeply rooted in the health and well-being of its people. We support global humanity by spearheading efforts to cure disease, fight poverty and lend a hand to the many charitable organisations dedicated to causes that fuel our passion. We pride ourselves on being stewards of the planet and look forward to you supporting our efforts.
We strive to provide a company that people are proud to work for, recognising the importance of sustainability and showing respect for the communities in which we work.
Our solutions are made to last and go the distance. Easier said than done in today’s business environment.
At Helios Energy Specialists we are always abreast or ahead of industry developments and our solutions are designed to last or prepare all our clients for the future to come. Our solutions will have a significant impact to all our clients.
We won’t just stop after presenting or implementing an innovative concept, and we won’t just hand over the implementation task to others. We will ensure all our solutions are implemented thoroughly, right from the onset.
Our relationships with each of our clients will extend far beyond the initial sale or offering. We know first-hand that our client base is and will always be our most valuable asset, and without these relationships Helios Energy Specialists will not prosper.
We will continue to improve in our service offering by actively seeking your feedback with each successful interaction we have.
Today Helios Energy Specialists has built a range of very strong partnerships and relationships with leading manufacturers and suppliers of some of the best products from around the world and has a commitment to become a leader amongst energy and sustainability suppliers both in Australia and Abroad.
Our mission and focus is on developing the correct solutions to meet the energy requirements of all our customers now! And for the future.
Our goal is to demonstrate and apply a responsible approach to Energy Management with a long-term vision of results.
We will strive in always maintaining a view of longevity by providing only “Long term solutions, not just short-term answers” to maintain a more sustainable approach to energy demands.
Our growth will come from continued participation with all our partners in acquiring and developing new technologies and new solutions as the industry continues to mature and new more efficient technologies are found.
Our commitment is to strengthen our business relationships with world-class leaders in the fields of Sustainable, Renewable and Efficient energy in order to always have up to date solutions to the end user.
The success of our business now and into the future is driven by two fundamental business objectives:
“To build and sustain a base of customers through the continuous provision of the highest quality service standards, with fair dealings based on mutual trust and respect.”
“To create long lasting relationships with our customers, suppliers and most importantly our employees”.
This primary objective has instilled a company team culture and loyalty already experienced amongst our serving employees across the country, with regular repeat and referral business being built.
Helios Energy Specialists operates from 2 offices covering the eastern seaboard of Australia and delivers specialised electrical, sustainable and renewable energy products and services to the following market sectors:
* Private, Residential and Domestic customers
* Small and Medium Sized Businesses and the Commercial Marketplace.
* Corporate
* Urban and Regional Projects
* Mining and Industrial
* Government
Helios Energy Specialists’ capabilities includes Energy Auditing, Solution Finding, Design and Engineering, Installation, Construction Projects, Maintenance, 24 Hour Service and National Rollouts.
With continued dynamic leadership, investment in our employees, dedication to be the industry’s best and to be proactive and innovatively responsive to our customer’s needs, Helios Energy Specialists will build to become a leader in the electrical and sustainable industry for many years to come.
High-Quality Solar Panels for Your Home
From small to large scale residential solar power installations, Helios Energy Specialists can supply and energy solution that will meet the energy needs of your home and and into the future. The leadership and owners of our Australian owned solar company possess over 60 years of combined industry experience, we have installed thousands of solar systems across the nation and today focus on the QLD and NSW regions.
Quality Solar power has never been more accessible, affordable and environmentally impactful than it is right now. By the end of 2021, the federally founded “stc” incentives currently being offered for solar energy systems will be reduced once again, meaning you will miss out on as much as $1,420 of government grants if you don’t decide now.
if you have been uncertain as to whether solar is right for you, the time is right now to start the process.
Helios Energy Specialists is an Australian owned and operated electrical contracting company, we specialise in the delivery of smart energy solutions including solar power and energy storage systems to home and business owners.
As a nationwide leader in the renewable energy industry, we know first hand how to connect you to smart emerging technologies that your home or business needs today and for the future.
With offices in Brisbane & Sydney, all it takes is that first step today. Let us work with you towards your zero carbon, clean energy future.
We currently service all metropolitan areas, as well as most regional areas of QLD and NSW. So please talk to us with your location to see how we can help you.