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A specialist in hydrogen technologies, HDF develops, finances, builds and operates multimegawatt industrial power generation infrastructures.

HDF marketed the Renewstable® power plants, which capture intermittent renewable energy and store it massively in the form of hydrogen to produce stable, 24-hour electricity that can be controlled like a thermal power plant at a competitive price. The first Renewstable® power plant is developed in French Guiana, in collaboration with the French infrastructure fund Meridiam and oil company SARA: the CEOG power plant is the largest in the world storing massively renewable energy via hydrogen, to produce stable and non-polluting electricity day and night for 10,000 households. CEOG will start its construction site in early 2020 and produce its first electrons in early 2022.

A pioneer in its sector of activity, HDF achieved a world first in 2019 in Martinique, the ClearGen project: the installation and commissioning of a high-powered fuel cell (1 MW), using the hydrogen co-produced by the SARA refinery by transforming it into electricity. This project is funded by Europe (FCH-JU) and SARA.

As an international player, HDF Energy currently has around ten Renewstable® projects in the advanced development phase in several countries.

Finally, HDF is an industrialist which launches the world's first plant for mass production of high-powered fuel cells (over 1 MW).