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Grenzebach Envelon GmbH is a leading system provider for solar-active façades and building envelopes. The ENVELON brand has been part of the international Grenzebach Group since 2021 and combines decades of expertise in the solar and façade industry with Grenzebach’s engineering skills and know-how in float glass production and industrial automation. ENVELON contributes to a sustainable, climate-friendly, and also aesthetic energy supply for commercial and residential real estate as well as public buildings. The ENVELON system provides businesses with an attractive option for efficient, decentralized power generation directly at their own real estate properties. 

This is the key question ENVELON asks its customers. Their product portfolio comprises systems and complete solutions for solar power generation at the building envelope. Unlike traditional solar systems on the roof, the company focuses on architectural solutions within the façade and combines the highest standards for aesthetics with a high level of efficiency. With these solutions, ENVELON supports its customers on their ways to carbon neutrality and the search for alternative renewable energies.