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Suite 1, Ground Floor, Enterprise 1, Innovation Campus, Squires Way, North Wollongong NSW 2500


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About us 
At Green Gravity, we develop and operate cutting edge gravitational energy storage systems. We aim to become the world’s lowest cost and most sustainable provider of energy storage technology.

Decarbonisation of the energy system needs rapid deployment of renewable energy. To manage the inherent variability of renewables, energy storage must be added to our electricity grids. Our technology solution utilises conventional mechanical components to enable low-cost energy storage to be installed at legacy mine sites.

Green Gravity’s energy storage system moves heavy weights vertically in legacy mine shafts to capture and release the gravitational potential energy of the weights. Green Gravity’s energy storage technology is low-cost, long life and environmentally compelling.

Based in Wollongong Australia, we are working with global miners, energy companies and research institutes to scale up our innovative energy storage technology. Commencing large-scale demonstration activities in 2022, we are already driving local investment and showing a pathway to a new ultra-green sustainable technology.

Through our focus on the circular economy, we can lead the world in creating the future of energy from the legacy of mining.

Products and Services 
At Green Gravity, we develop, install and operate cutting edge gravitational energy storage systems.

Green Gravity’s energy storage uses no processed chemicals and has no performance degradation. We provide a high Round Trip Efficiency, low environmental impact and low cost. Our technology offers an attractive option for utility-scale energy storage.

Our solution can provide services at all levels of the electricity system. We make renewable energy cheaper, make the grid more stable and reduce transmission costs, and can help mines and industrial plants reduce carbon emissions. We also have a role in supporting local community energy schemes through firming distributed energy resources.