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FIMER Australia


  • Kathleen Catchpole
  • Marketing & Communications Manager
  • Jason Venning
  • Country Manager – Australia & New Zealand
  • Michael Donelly
  • Sales Specialist (QLD)
  • Manish Sharma
  • Sales Specialist (NSW)
  • Divya Kumar
  • Business Development Manager - Utility

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FIMER is one of the largest solar inverter suppliers in the world. Specialising in solar inverters and e-mobility systems, with over 1,100 employees worldwide and offers a comprehensive solar solutions portfolio across all applications. FIMER’s skills are further strengthened by the bold and agile approach that sees it consistently invest in R&D. With a presence in 25 countries together with local training centres and manufacturing hubs around the world, including in Australia.

FIMER Australia currently employs approximately 20 people in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. Its head office is in Melbourne and its customer call centre, repair & testing centre and warehouse located in Sydney.

FIMER offers solutions for residential, commercial and utility applications, with a large install base in Australia. Its string inverter solutions and electric vehicle chargers are proudly made in Italy.