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Elecsome Pty Ltd


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3/67 Naxos Way Keysborough 3713 VIC
03 9041 2829


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Elecsome is Australia’s first Solar Panel upcycling plant that operates by transforming End-of-Life Solar Panels into higher value products. It has a handling capacity of 5T/hr, which translates to about 250 panels/hour. That makes the total capacity of a single plant 1M panels per annum.

Elecsome is backed by The Ojas Group, which is one of Australia’s largest sustainable electrical cable assembly and manufacturing companies. It is in the service of the Cable and Solar Industry for more than 15 years. Elecsome aspires to become a World leading Australian company that promotes a circular economy and generate jobs across Victoria and Australia.

Elecsome is also partnered and supported by leading names and organization’s in Australia like Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, The University of Melbourne, CabLab.