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C-COAT Insulation Australia Pty Ltd


Energy Management, Automation & Efficiency


Unit 4, 128 Station Road, Seven Hills, NSW 2147 AUSTRALIA
+61 2 96743005



C-COAT Insulation Australia Pty Ltd is the worldwide leading supplier of cutting-edge Thermal Insulating Coating (TIC) systems with a vision to make the world a better place by supplying revenue-positive systems to reduce energy usage and protect the environment.

This Australian-owned formulation, originally developed for the space industry and fine-tuned over several years, is created and produced by our innovative R&D team of professionals including engineers, physicists, technologists, chemists and our dedicated support staff.

C-COAT products are ideal for use in residential, commercial and a range of industrial settings such as process and petrochemical plants, gas and hot liquids pipelines, transport, marine, mining, aerospace and defense.

C-COAT systems are traditionally applied with airless spray equipment but are also easy to apply with a brush, roller or spatula.