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Bloom Energy is a global leading solid-oxide platform provider for the distributed generation of electricity and hydrogen production. Founded in 2001, Bloom Energy is headquartered in San Jose, California, and at the heart of Bloom Energy's innovation lies its groundbreaking fuel cell technology. The company's proprietary solid oxide fuel cells (SOFCs) convert a variety of fuels – including natural gas, biogas, and hydrogen – into electricity with unmatched efficiency and minimal environmental impact. This revolutionary approach not only reduces greenhouse gas emissions but also significantly lowers electricity costs for its diverse range of clients.


Bloom Energy's impact reaches far and wide, with installations spanning commercial, industrial, and residential sectors. The company's Energy Servers have found applications in data centers, manufacturing facilities, educational institutions, and beyond, providing an uninterrupted and cleaner power supply. Notably, Bloom Energy's solutions have enabled partners to achieve their sustainability goals while bolstering energy security in an increasingly unpredictable world.

According to The New York Times, solid oxide fuel cells are "considered the most efficient but most technologically challenging fuel-cell technology." As of 2023, Bloom had deployed 1GW of fuel cells globally.


Bloom’s fuel cell platform can be configured as a microgrid that protects against grid outages and extreme weather disruption. Bloom’s microgrid energy technology generates highly efficient, clean energy, is fuel-flexible, and future-proof to help you navigate the energy transition to decarbonization. The fuel cell microgrid platform enables your organization to hedge against price volatility and price escalation by fixing a large portion of your electricity cost and is modular to scale as your business and demand for power grows.


Bloom Energy has also unveiled the Bloom Electrolyzer in 2021; the most energy-efficient electrolyzer to produce clean hydrogen to date and 15 to 45 percent more efficient than any other product on the market today. The Bloom Electrolyzer relies on the same, commercially proven and proprietary solid oxide technology platform used by Bloom Energy Servers to provide on-site electricity at high fuel efficiency. The pilot conducted at Idaho National Laboratory results reveal the Bloom Electrolyzer produces hydrogen at 37.7 kWh per kilogram of hydrogen and with 88.5 percent LHV (Lower Heating Value) to DC, which is a Record-Setting Efficiencies.


In recognition of its contributions, Bloom Energy has garnered numerous awards and accolades, solidifying its reputation as a pioneer in the clean energy sector. As the world grapples with the challenges of climate change and energy sustainability, Bloom Energy stands poised to drive lasting change and inspire a new era of responsible energy consumption.


Bloom Energy empowers businesses and communities to responsibly take charge of their energy. Fortune 100 companies around the world turn to Bloom Energy as a trusted partner to deliver lower carbon energy today and a net-zero future. For more information, visit