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Addressing Global Warming Pty. Ltd.


Hybrid/Enabling Technologies


22/5 Macquarie St. Sydney, NSW, 2000 Australia



Addressing Global Warming Pty Ltd (AGW) is a privately owned Australian company incorporated in 2006. It was initially set up to investigate Innovative Sustainable Development concepts and solutions including the Landmark Ballerina Park concept at Murrumbateman, NSW, Australia.

This hybrid concept incorporated wind turbines at the development phase and allowed AGW to uncover "Pure Sustainable Development" to be the basis for Ecological Civilizations and also the introduction of its three innovative online Carbon Abatement concepts. A

GW's business model will at this stage involve four business opportunities around Sustainable Development Addressing Global Warming fast and leading the exciting prospect of the peoples Sustainable Revolution of the 21st century which should be the best chance yet to break the internet as Global Warming continues to accelerate as predicted by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).