Laurie Kane and Glen Morris stand next to a solar panel.

| March 19, 2024

New design software allows property owners and businesses to maximise their solar energy use

Industry-leading solar design software company SolarPlus has officially launched its highly anticipated Version5 (V5) software across Australia and New Zealand. 

In a world first, the upgrade includes a Smart Energy Simulator, allowing solar installers and  engineers to take savings modelling well beyond just solar and batteries. The new V5 software  demonstrates to customers specific savings that can be made throughout their home or business  by more targeted solar energy use

SolarPlus’ V5 featured at the Smart Energy Expo & Conference on March 6 & 7, 2024 at the ICC in  Sydney

As energy prices rise and feed-in tariffs drop, many households and businesses are looking for ways  to make full use of their solar energy within their properties. In addition to solar panels and battery  storage, more consumers are enquiring about smart energy devices like hot water diverters, smart  car chargers and load controllers. 

SolarPlus’ new V5 software can identify specific electrification opportunities including large energy  storage batteries, heat pumps or a hot water energy diverter for hot water units, air conditionersheaters, Electric Vehicle (EV) chargers and electric cooking appliances. Aiming to be as energy self sufficient as possible can save users around 75% or more on their monthly or quarterly electricity  bills

The V5 software allows solar installers to analyse the energy consumption of a household or  business and recommend the optimal solar panel set-up, a forecast of the energy that will be  generated, projected bill savings, the reduction of carbon emissions and the overall return on  investment. 

SolarPlus Managing Director Laurie Kane said the new V5 release had opened the door for solar and  storage installers to drive forward the electrification of the entire home or business. In-turn, this  would provide installers access to new revenue streams for their business that were previously  unattainable. 

Quotes attributable to SolarPlus Managing Director Laurie Kane: 

“As the cost of living and doing business continues to rise, people don’t like the idea of relying solely  on the big power companies for their energy”. 

“Electricity prices across south-east Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia  have risen by an average of 20-25% since July 1*. In parallel, it’s also becoming less viable for people  to export their surplus renewable energy back into the grid – so it makes sense for households and  businesses to be more energy independent and maximise their solar power”.

 “Solar energy is a ‘no-brainer’ for Australia and New Zealand. It’s vital that consumers and business  owners make full use of renewable power within their homes and businesses – particularly because  the economic benefits of selling power back to the grid have eroded and are likely to soon disappear  altogether.” 

“Solar remains the cheapest source of renewable energy to reduce electricity bills and carbon  emissions. Using as much of your solar energy produced every day should be the goal.” 

“SolarPlus is at the cutting edge of helping installers meet both consumer and business needs. It’s  critical that solar installations are accurately modelled and homes and businesses have all the data  they need in order to realise the full potential of their solar system,” he concluded. 

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*ABC News, June 30, 2023. 

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About SolarPlus: Founded in 2011 by Chairman Glen Morris and Managing Director Laurie Kane,  SolarPlus was established in partnership with the Smart Energy Council – Australia’s independent  body for the smart energy industry. SolarPlus is a complete solar design software platorm used by  over 1,700 solar sales companies who have quoted almost 400,000 systems, worth almost $3.8  billion. 

Glen has worked in the renewable energy industry for 30 years, designing and installing on and off grid systems. He has been the Smart Energy Council’s vice president and their representative on the  industry’s Standards Committee. For the past five years, Glen has focused his business on training,  moving to online courses and live streaming tech talks. He regularly shares his knowledge of the  solar industry with SolarPlus employees and customers. 

Laurie has a background in solar online training, having developed solar best practice training  courses, managed a national solar inspection program, and IT systems for the Australian Solar  Council. He is also an enthusiastic proponent of clean technology and making solar energy more  accessible globally. 

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