| June 24, 2024

Smart Energy Council welcomes renewables champion Matt Kean to Climate Change Authority

The Smart Energy Council warmly welcomes the appointment of former NSW Treasurer and Energy Minister Matt Kean to Chair the Climate Change Authority.

“As the rollout of reliable renewable energy continues, it is critical that a champion of the sector is at the helm of the Authority tasked with advising the government on how best we get there,” Smart Energy Council Chief Executive John Grimes said.

“Matt Kean is an ideal captain of that vessel, we’re both reassured and pleased by his appointment.”

“With the Federal Opposition hellbent on politicising and demonising the renewable transition, the Government shows it is serious about putting the best people in charge of making sure we achieve our emission reductions and clean energy targets.”

“The future of Australia’s economy and environment must be a central focus of all governments, regardless of political stripes.”

“Matt Kean has an excellent track record of driving investment in the renewable energy sector, while striving for better outcomes for the climate.”

“The Smart Energy Council embraces all policymakers who are determined to do the right thing for the wind and solar sector, because we all know it’s reducing power bills and carbon pollution.”

“Matt Kean is a champion of smart energy, and we urge others within the Liberal and National Parties to follow his lead.”



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