| May 4, 2022

Pylontech launches new home battery storage system Pelio -Pelio,the Last Step to Next Future

The Origin of Pelio

It was an old story. A long, long time ago, we lived in a magic forest and built a tribe named Pioneer. The forest was cold and always in the dark. We never leaved the forest before and didn’t know what outside world like. And one day, we got a sign from God, “All the way south, through the jungle, an endless clean energy to a bright future”.

To find out the energy, our chief recruited volunteers and started the journey of exploration. I was one of the team. This was the only way to leave the cold and harsh forest, by which we could seek out the means to survive elsewhere. Along the way, we were suffering, fallen into swamp, escaped from animal’s attack. Months later, we still didn’t find the answer. Changing the tribe’s living condition for next generation was the only belief that supported us.

Shortly afterwards we met an injured old man as well as a dilemma. As all of us were exhausted and weaken after long journey, we needed to decide whether to share our inadequate foods with the old man. Even in this poor case, we still chose to help the old man and shared the food and water to him.

With our help, the old man recovered soon and told us, “there are glowing Fairy Cubes in the forest, follow them, you can find your answer”. As soon as he finished his words, the old man disappeared. Later we realized that he was an envoy of Helios. Only the people who was full with love, faith and hope can embrace the bright and sustainable future.

Following the guidance of the Fairy Cubes, we crossed the magic forest. The warmth of the sun become around our face and body.

A new world is coming.

Thousands of years later, Pioneer’s descendants invented an energy cube to store the sun with wisdom and research. In order to commemorate the spirit of kindheartedness, wisdom and bravery of Pioneer, this energy cube was named “Pelio”.


Pelio from Pylontech, the Last Step to Next Future

The Sun, the star at the center of the Solar System, is by far the most important source of energy for life on Earth. 4.5 billion years ago, the sun began to energize the earth, which also a start of energy supply.

And according to the earliest records on earth, human never stop trying their effort to harness solar energy from the sun with their devotion and bravery.

From lighting fires with magnifying glass materials to the appearance of solar-powered steamboats and solar panel, different generations and civilizations blessed by the sun, boosted the development of solar energy technology and completed their mission given by the age.

And now, as climate change becomes severe, we have to take our mission of this modern age to protect our earth, our community and our home. And it’s also the time for us to think further of how to harness solar energy and inherit the spirt of our predecessors.

Fortunately, solar energy technology develops promptly, and it’s possible to harness the sun’s radiation and converts it into heat, light, or electricity now. And many technologies can harvest it directly for use in homes, businesses, schools, and hospitals. With smartness, we developed series tools to harness the energy, solar cells and panels, solar thermal collectors, solar thermal electricity, and solar architecture. We are creating hope that can solve climate change and achieve carbon neutral in the near future.

As the leading residential energy storage provider, Pylontech cherishes the development of solar technologies and is willing to share its technology in energy storage to create a sustainable future. And Pylontech always be here to take its responsibility and always take the mission to liberate human’s energy sustainably.

So here with our new residential energy product “Pelio”, we want to express our faith in a sustainable future and to inherit the valuable spirit of devotion and bravery. The name “Pelio” is taken from the image of Helios in Greek mythology, which represent light and power. We believe Pelio will bring you the solar energy and good luck from Helios, and we also believe Pelio is a way for you to liberating your energy sustainably and last step to next future.

Where there is a Pelio, there is the next future.



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