| May 17, 2024

Peter Dutton Reveals Pro-Coal, Anti-Renewables Agenda

The Smart Energy Council is deeply disappointed by Peter Dutton’s speech.

The Chief Executive of the Smart Energy Council, John Grimes, says “The Budget Reply Speech shows the Opposition have no intention of meeting Australia’s international climate change commitments, and no interest in capturing the economic opportunities from a decarbonised world.”

“Peter Dutton’s plan for a nuclear Australia is a plan to extend the life of expensive, unreliable and polluting coal-fired power stations.”

“Nuclear reactors will not be built in Australia until 2040, at the earliest, and Peter Dutton knows it.”

“This is just a plan to continue coal and gas.”

“With our cheap, clean and reliable renewables, we can make green hydrogen, green ammonia, green iron and green metals, but all of that is at risk if the Liberal and National Parties block the Production Tax Credits announced in the Federal Budget.”

“The Coalition has had every chance to provide a nuclear policy – cost, sites, how they’ll reduce power bills – but Australian households remain in the dark.”

“It is extraordinary that Peter Dutton would want to block production tax credits for renewable hydrogen and critical minerals value adding – the foundations of Australia’s economic future.

“Australia’s world-class solar and wind resources are our global comparative advantage, the key to our future economic prosperity.



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