| May 5, 2023

Smart Energy Council Welcomes Crucial Net Zero Authority

The Smart Energy Council strongly welcomes the Albanese Government’s pivotal decision to set up and legislate a National Net Zero Authority that will support workers in emissions-intensive sectors to seize opportunities from new industries in the renewable energy transition.

“This is a landmark day in climate action, setting Australia up for the transition to being a renewable energy superpower,” said Smart Energy Council Chief Executive John Grimes.

“The Smart Energy Council has been part of a significant movement pushing for the establishment of the Net Zero Authority, including our partners the Climate Capital Forum.

“The Net Zero Authority will also put together programs and develop policies across government, to support regions and communities to make the most out of our energy transition.

The new entity, with major planning to begin July 1, will work together with investors and companies to bring together the right people to deliver the right projects in communities across Australia.

“Bringing together state, territory and local governments – with industry, investors, unions and First Nations groups – is vital to making our transition happen the smart way,” Mr Grimes said.

“The National Net Zero Authority will be one of Australia’s most crucial pieces of energy legislation, given the mandate and authority to propel the decarbonisation of our economy backed by our cutting-edge renewable energy industry.

“We recognise the potential of the National Reconstruction Fund and Powering the Regions Fund in accelerating our net zero transition – the Net Zero Authority must be a beacon for investment.

Read the Federal Government’s release: https://minister.dcceew.gov.au/bowen/media-releases/joint-media-release-national-net-zero-authority



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