| January 11, 2024

LONGi Energises the Adelaide International as the Exclusive Global Solar Energy Partner of the ATP Tour: Serving a Sustainable Future

ADELAIDE, [8 Jan 2024] — Today marks the commencement of the Adelaide International, where LONGi, a global leader in clean energy solutions, proudly takes centre stage as the official Solar and Hydrogen Partner of the ATP Tour.

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In an unprecedented collaboration, LONGi has embraced the opportunity to align itself with one of the premier events on the ATP Tour, reinforcing its commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship through its PLAN GET (Green, Energy, Tours).

PLAN GET aspires to have an impact on the world through green initiatives, mobilising the energy of each person involved. It looks to create a strong voice across the globe in pursuit of a sustainable green, low-carbon lifestyle. As the tournament unfolds, the spotlight on LONGi’s dedication to clean energy and innovation promises to shine brightly.

The Adelaide International serves as a pivotal platform for LONGi to underscore its position as a key player in the clean energy sector, bringing its efficient and reliable solar and hydrogen technologies to the forefront of global discussions on renewable energy. This global strategic partnership not only reflects LONGi’s commitment to excellence in sports but also highlights its mission to contribute to a cleaner and greener future.

Daniel Lin, LONGi Solar Australia’s Managing Director said: ‘As a company deeply invested in environmental responsibility, LONGi views the Adelaide International as more than a sporting event; it’s a strategic avenue to build stronger connections with the Australian community. By supporting the ATP Tour, LONGi aims to engage with audiences, encouraging but also fostering a shared vision of a sustainable future’.

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Join LONGi on this exciting journey at the Adelaide International, where sportsmanship meets sustainability. Witness firsthand the power of clean energy innovation and LONGi’s unwavering commitment to a brighter, more sustainable future.


About LONGi:

LONGi is a global leader in the solar industry, dedicated to providing sustainable and innovative clean energy solutions. With a strong commitment to environmental responsibility, LONGi leverages cutting-edge technologies to contribute to a greener future. For more information, visit www.longi.com/au



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