| August 6, 2021

JinkoSolar invests in design resources for Australian installers

JinkoSolar invests in design resources for Australian installers

OpenSolar Platform now available for JinkoSolar rooftop panels range in Australia + New Zealand

SYDNEY:- JinkoSolar Holdings Co., Ltd. (“JinkoSolar” or “Company”) (NYSE code: JKS), one of the largest and most innovative module manufacturers, today announced that the company has strengthened its commitment to Australia and New Zealand by partnering with OpenSolar.

OpenSolar is a whole-of-business platform for solar installers that offers tools related to design, sales and management. Installers can use OpenSolar to design systems with panels from JinkoSolar, as well as estimate the benefit of using certain energy storage products. JinkoSolar continues to strongly support installers in their use of Australian innovations such as SolarPlus, which are also leading the world in this space.

Head of Australia, Bright Wang said ” JinkoSolar is constantly looking for ways to make life easier for our installer partners in Australia, and including panels in design software natively is one way JinkoSolar can help.”
Installers suggested to JinkoSolar that panels should appear in platforms like OpenSolar and JinkoSolar responded.
“JinkoSolar is pleased to get suggestions from our installer partners, and we remain open to other suggestions from our local clients, being experts on the ground here,” Mr Wang continued.
The Tiger N 370 watt panels of the JinkoSolar Expert Series have been the most requested panel, which is driven mainly by the compact size, performance and warranty.

JinkoSolar has served the Australian market for more than a decade, and in this time has become a dominant force in the rooftop PV market.



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