| July 3, 2023

Inflation dealt a blow through price reductions from solar leader. Maximise savings in these tough times.


Through technical innovation and supply chain improvements, renewables industry leader JinkoSolar today announced price reductions on C&I solar panels for business and massive savings on SunTank home battery systems. In these tough times, such a move from JinkoSolar is great news for battery buyers facing up to electricity increases and cost of living pressures.


As the market leader* for rooftop solar in Australia, the example set by JinkoSolar is often followed by the wider market.  Head of Australia for Jinko Solar Mr. Bright Wang shared: “JinkoSolar has always led the way in reliability and innovation, but is also known for passing savings on to consumers whenever and wherever possible.”  As part of this effort, JinkoSolar Australia was the first solar company to combine a 440-watt residential solar panel with a home battery sytem.  Currently, due to competitive freight arrangements and optimised logistics, battery systems are thousands of dollars cheaper compared with the same time in 2022.


“Our team has worked hard to fit more power in every panel, and more energy in every battery, giving Aussies the savings, they deserve,” Mr. Wang added. Australian businesses are leading the world in installing solar panels, whilst price volatility and blackouts have led to Australian home owners increasing their appetite for backup by home battery systems”.

* Market leader per Sunwiz survey 2022

^ https://www.abc.net.au/news/science/2022-07-15/home-battery-sales-are-rising-with-volatile-power-prices/101226252

About JinkoSolar:

Jinko Solar Co., Ltd. (the “Company”, or “Jinko Solar”) (SSE: 688223) is one of the most famous and innovative solar technology companies in the world. Its business covers the core links of the photovoltaic industry chain, focusing on the R&D of integrated photovoltaic products and integrated clean energy solutions. At present, Jinko Solar’s products serve more than 3,000 customers in more than 160 countries and regions around the world, and the company has ranked No.1 in global module shipments from 2016 to 2019. By the end of Q1, 2023, the cumulative module shipments of Jinko Solar have exceeded 150GW. Jinko Solar is an industry opinion leader under various international frameworks such as B20, and it is also one of the first solar energy companies to join the RE100 green initiative.



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