| September 19, 2023

GSES New Accreditation Units

In December 2022, the Clean Energy Council announced major updates to the training units for small-scale renewables. The training units have been significantly restructured to reflect the updated skills, regulations and knowledge required to work on PV, battery and stand alone energy systems, and represent the first upgrade to the training units in over 10 years.

GSES is now offering a whole new suite of accreditation courses in line with the new nationally recognised units. All courses are self paced and online, with 1-1 tutor support, giving you the flexibility to set your own learning schedule, while also receiving the support you need to succeed.

Shop all GSES accreditation courses here: https://www.gses.com.au/shop/products/?swoof=1&product_cat=accreditation-courses


Design Unit Changes

One of the biggest changes made to the accreditation units is the introduction of new design units which are now open for anyone to undertake. Previously, only engineers and electricians could become accredited designers, but now, more roles in the industry such as sales and admin staff can access design courses and complete the required training units to become accredited designers.

For your solar business, this means more roles in your company can complete site surveys and sign off on designs (not just engineers), you can offer better customer experience from formally qualified sales staff, and produce more compliant, quality designs that will result in happier customers! For the industry, this unit change addresses current skills and job shortages in the renewables industry, will assist in upskilling job roles, and help with raising standards in renewables infrastructure.

The only requirement before attempting the design units is that non-electricians must complete the electrical principles prerequisite course. This course can be challenging if you do not have any background or experience in electrical design, but it will ensure that you have the required electrical knowledge to complete the design units.

Shop the new electrical principles courses here: https://www.gses.com.au/product/electrical-principles/


Accreditation pathways

Not sure where to start with your accreditation training? The short video below will run you through the new CEC accreditation units, and the appropriate pathway you should take depending on your background.

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t40bcLOPXG0

GSES Video snip


New Units Blog Post

For more information on the unit changes, be sure to check out our latest blog post.

Blog post: https://www.gses.com.au/cec-accreditation-unit-changes-for-2023/



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