| January 11, 2024

China-based GoodWe Inaugurates BIPV Display Center in Sydney, Showcasing Comprehensive Energy Solutions

China-based inverter manufacturer GoodWe announced the completion of its display center in Sydney, Australia, in collaboration with its master distributor in Australia, Umax Energy. The center features a showroom displaying GoodWe’s diverse range of solar generation, storage, and charging products, with a focus on its BIPV products, demonstrating its ability to offer comprehensive solutions for residential and applications.

The center features an 11.55kW carport designed to provide shade while enhancing power generation. It houses GoodWe Polaris panels coupled with its 10kWh Lynx F battery and 6kW hybrid inverter, as well as GoodWe HCA series EV Charger. The Polaris panels, specifically designed for solar carports and shade rooftops, address concerns like water leakage and wiring issues.

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The center also exhibits rooftops featuring 9.2kW solar tile Sunshine and the 3.35kW ultra-lightweight panel Galaxy, respectively, both being popular BIPV products popular from GoodWe.

The inauguration was attended by figures from various sectors, including Ned Mannoun, the Mayor of Liverpool City Council; Dr. Su, the founder and CEO of Umax Energy; Daniel Huang, the founder and CEO of GoodWe; Ron Shen, Vice President of GoodWe; Jeffrey Wang, General Manager of GoodWe BIPV Business Unit, and other entrepreneurs in the construction field.

Ned Mannoun expressed delight, stating, “We’re thrilled to see GoodWe introduce new PV technologies which can integrate with buildings in the country. This significantly boosts the development of renewable energy in Australia, and in the long-term, we anticipate every building generating electricity.”


Speaking on GoodWe’s business development in Australia, Daniel Huang said, “Australia is where GoodWe’s overseas business began; till now there’s been nearly a decade long. It’s also where our BIPV business commenced. In less than one year, we have signed deals for both residential and commercial projects in the country.”

Dedicated to becoming a comprehensive solution provider, GoodWe now offers a wide range of products, including PV inverters, batteries, EV Chargers, BIPV, accessories, as well as smart energy management system (SEMS). With nearly 8% of its revenue invested in R&D and a R&D team with over 1000 members, the company is committed to contributing to the renewable energy transition, offering tailored solutions to the country through its EcoSmart Home and EcoSmart Commercial lineup.

Daniel added, “We’ve witnessed the enormous potential of the solar industry in the country. With our products, services, and a dedicated local team, we’ve achieved a 22% market share in terms of inverter capacity in Australia and became the No.1 in the Australian residential market. Looking ahead, we are committed to transforming every building into a power generator, working towards achieving zero-carbon buildings.”

The showroom, situated at 65 Roberts Rd, Greenacre, NSW, Australia, 2190, will serve as a communication hub with clients, customers, and the public, open and throughout the year, according toe GoodWe.



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