| November 27, 2020

GE solar inverter now distributed by One Stop Warehouse

GE Solar Inverter and One Stop Warehouse Announce A Strategic Partnership That Will Bring High Value to the Australian Solar PV Market

OSW is an Australian owned solar wholesaler entirely focused on residential and commercial PV products. OSW is one of Australia’s fastest-growing companies whose national footprint and capable leadership presents GE solar inverter with the tools to reach long-tail customers.

With an extensive warehousing network in the country, OSW has expanded its services offer to its customers. From technical support to product advice and PV system design, qualified engineers provide end-to-end support. GE and OSW share the same customer-centric vision, which was one of the core reasons that solidified the partnership.

GE solar inverters deliver a unique design, cutting-edge technology, and advanced intelligence and automation for timely, accurate, and customized energy choices designed for the intelligent homes of tomorrow. Our goal is to be a major contributor to Australia’s renewable energy transition and a major technological innovator in the ever-growing Australian solar industry. To rise to this challenge we have engineered three solutions that have proven to exceed market expectations in all areas and present homeowners and businesses with a unique portfolio that offers a glimpse into the future world of intelligent solar energy

When Elegance meets Efficiency

GEP 3-5kW ∣ 2 MPPT∣ Single-phase

With beautiful aesthetics and user-friendly design, our GEP Series 3.6-5kW has an elegant screen and is light and easy to install. Despite its reduced size, this petite model is capable of 50% DC oversizing, 10% AC overloading, and 98.3% max efficiency, which gives it a unique competitive edge. With 13A Max. Input Current per string, it is compatible with different types of modules. The latest and most advanced safety features are intelligently integrated and packed in this compact albeit powerful model.

  • Inbuilt DC Isolator

  • Inbuilt Export Control

  • DRED Ready

  • Type II SPD

  • 98.3% Efficiency


The Early Bird that Never Stops

GEP 5-10kW∣3 MPPT∣Single-phase

The GEP Series (5-10kW) is the ultimate solution to cater to the residential segment’s rising expectations. This powerful single-phase model boasts 3 MPPT for maximum power retention and absolute minimum power loss. With a startup voltage of only 80V, this superior, intelligently efficient inverter is specifically designed to harness solar power from sunrise to sunset regardless of irradiation and weather conditions. Extra reflections from the backside of bifacial panels drive the inverter to its maximum capacity and unleash its full potential of 100% DC oversizing, allowing for up to 10% AC overloading. All these features intelligently packed into a light-weight model for a comfortable installation.

  • Inbuilt DC Isolator

  • Inbuilt Export Control

  • DRED Ready

  • Type II SPD

  • Compatible with High Power Modules

  • Smart Shadow Scan

Safety First – Efficiency Second to None

GEP 29.9-60kW∣ up to 6 MPPT∣Three-phase

The GEP Series (29.9-60kW) has been designed to meet the increasing expectations from the C&I segment. It offers up to 6 MPPT and is the ultimate solution for commercial rooftop PV systems. This future-ready machine comes with incorporated I-V curve diagnosis, film capacitor, and fuse-free design, optional anti-PID function, and Type I surge protection on the DC side, ensuring faster trouble-shooting, longer life-span, and maximum safety. The GEP Series (29.9-60kW) requires minimum O&M and offers an improved overall user experience for maximum comfort and minimum operation. All these intelligent features make the GEP Series (29.9-60kW) one of the most future-proof inverters in its class.

  • Inbuilt DC Isolator

  • DRED Ready

  • Full Load running at 50ºC

  • IV-Curve Diagnosis

  • DC Type I surge protection (Optional)

About GE solar inverter

Backed by advanced knowledge and experience in researching, developing and creating state-of-the-art PV inverters and energy storage solutions, we integrate the finest technological components into carefully crafted solar solutions that shape the present to deliver the future world of intelligent energy.

Enter a world where safety and efficiency combine perfectly into intelligent solutions integrating the most advanced safety features, intuitive data monitoring, and effortless, timely energy choices.

This is a space where flawless design and sophisticated technological components take the shape of solar inverters that enable the most intelligent use and distribution of solar energy to power the generations of tomorrow.


About One Stop Warehouse

Listed amongst the top 500 privately listed companies in Australia, and recognised as one of the top 200 fastest growing companies in the Asia Pacific, One Stop Warehouse is Australia’s largest wholesale supplier of solar PV panels, solar inverters, components, and battery systems, operating in Western Australia, South Australia, Victoria, New South Wales, and Queensland.

Sharing the vision of many Australians – to reduce the carbon footprint, drive sustainability, and create savings, the motto is “Be Clean – Be Green”.

As a leading wholesaler in the industry, they uphold strong commitments towards brand authenticity, quality products, and guaranteed customer satisfaction – a dedication that has earned the company multiple awards and commendations including the award of a global brand for consumers’ choice, and Australia’s top PV supplier by the EUPD Research for consecutive years since 2018.




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