| March 2, 2022

GE Australia & New Zealand launches Platinum Retailer of the Year initiative and announces 2021 winners

GE Australia and New Zealand has launched its Platinum Retailer of the Year initiative, to further celebrate and recognise the highest-performing companies for both residential and commercial sales, of its range of premium solar inverter products.

Go Sunny Solar in Adelaide, South Australia won the Platinum Retailer of the Year 2021 award for residential solutions, while Cola Solar in Bendigo, Victoria won the commercial solutions category.

Each company received a custom-made trophy using an innovative “Ecostone” sustainable material, along with Australian-made gift hampers for the team and a marketing prize package to further promote their respective earned title.

The GE Platinum Retailer program for Australia and New Zealand is designed with strict criteria for retailers to meet on an annual basis to provide an elite-level service offering for GE solar inverter products.  In return, qualified Platinum Retailers benefit from an exclusive suite of enhanced resources covering sales, support & marketing, to increase sales and growth while leveraging from the globally renowned GE brand.

Gopinath Mani, Business Development Manager for Australia and New Zealand, commented:

“The Platinum Retailer of the Year award is something that we will carry forward, so that each year all Platinum Retailers have the opportunity to win, and gain those ‘bragging rights’ to show that they are the best of the best. We look forward to developing the program, to further establish the range of GE solar inverter product solutions across Australia and New Zealand.”



About GE Australia and New Zealand:
Made by GoodWe. Chosen by GE.

GoodWe Technologies was selected from a comprehensive international selection process of over 32 shortlisted global manufacturers, to be the licensed partner for manufacturing and offering the range of premium GE solar inverter products.

Using GoodWe’s advanced knowledge and experience in researching, developing and creating state-of-the-art PV inverters and energy storage solutions, we integrate the finest technological components into carefully crafted solar solutions that shape the present to deliver the future world of intelligent energy.

“It’s part of our long tradition to bring innovation to the home and we’re very excited to be entering the home power space. We see the world change with more distributed power generation and more residential power options so this market is a logical category extension for GE. Solar power is expected to grow over 20% over the next decade to be over $200 billion by 2025. We also know that there will be more grid instability and more electric vehicles. It makes sense for GE to rise to this challenge.”
– Thomas Buccelleto, GE Senior Managing Director.

GE is a registered trademark of General Electric Company and is used under license by GoodWe Technologies Co., Ltd.



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