| November 14, 2023

From Power Grids to Homes: Billion power giants launch energy storage revolution


Sieyuan Electric has been deeply entrenched in the field of high-voltage transmission and distribution for thirty years, focusing exclusively on R&D and manufacturing of electrical equipment since its inception. We are a major equipment supplier for China’s State Grid and Southern Power Grid, and have undertaken numerous research projects while participating in the development of industry standards.

Since 2011, the company has embarked on a comprehensive expansion of its international operations, dedicating itself to providing reliable and efficient products to global power utilities in order to enhance power system stability. After twelve years of global operations, we have delivered innovative products, services, and solutions to power utilities, industrial sectors, and various power generation projects (including hydropower, wind power, and solar power) in more than sixty countries and regions worldwide. In the fields of power generation, transmission, and distribution overseas, we have completed over two thousand projects.

Since 2007, we have established research institutes and large-scale testing facilities in Shanghai, Rugao, Changzhou, and other locations, aimed at enhancing our foundational research capabilities and industry-leading testing capabilities. The establishment of the Central Research Institute in 2012 further strengthened our research and development capabilities.

The company’s accumulated experience and development in the power generation, transmission, and distribution fields made the foray into the field of energy storage a natural progression.


Top Interviews

voice by Mr.Fan Yang, VP of Swatten, deputy general manager of Sieyuan Electric

“What kind of team has the company assembled for its energy storage business unit?”

We have continuously invested in both utility-scale and residential energy storage, launching the esGrid and Swatten product series, harnessing the expertise of our most talented power electronics specialists, electrochemical experts, control and protection experts, product managers, and senior management personnel.

We have consistently adhered to a customer-centric approach, using technology as the driving force to continuously enhance our product competitiveness. This philosophy and long-standing dedication have allowed us to attract the most top-tier talents in the industry, with our core team possessing over fifteen years of professional experience.

“As a newcomer, besides product strength, what is the core advantage of Swatten?”

Among the many manufacturers in the residential energy storage sector, we are the only company that has exclusively focused on the manufacturing of electrical equipment without diversifying into other areas. While we believe that product upgrades and replacements in the short term can be accelerated with more resource allocation, it is our decades-long technological accumulation, platform-based research and development capabilities, R&D philosophy and culture behind, quality assurance and quality control systems, profound understanding of the power electronics industry, and equal attention and respect for both residential customers and grid operators that constitute the core competitiveness and moat of Swatten. These factors also distinguish us significantly from all other competitors. We have consistently served the most professional, discerning, and demanding customers in the global power systems, and we have the confidence to provide exceptional service to millions of households.


“What is Swatten’s vision?”

Our products have always been closely connected with residential users. At this very moment of our conversation, electrical energy is quietly being provided through Sieyuan Electric’s equipment, illuminating our rooms. Sieyuan and Swatten not only serve the power system but have also moved closer to residential users, transitioning from behind the scenes to the forefront, delivering a safe, controllable, and highly efficient user experience to every home. This is our vision.


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