| January 5, 2024

Embark on a Sustainable Home Odyssey: An Innovative, Cost-Efficient, and Eco-Conscious Solution!

The Australian state of Victoria will ban using natural gas in new homes from next year, replacing it with electricity. Planning permission for all new homes and new housing estates will only be allowed to be connected to the electricity network. Other regions in Australia, including Sydney, are also actively pursuing measures to reduce their reliance on natural gas significantly.

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There is a growing trend to move away from using natural gas in residential construction. The benefits? It’s eco-friendly and cost-effective. For example, overhead electrical wiring saves space and time during installation.

Moreover, an all-electric setup is considered much safer than a gas-based setup. Safety is a crucial factor. Modern residential energy storage solutions, with features like remote control and safety mechanisms, offer peace of mind.

Swatten’s advanced intelligent PV solutions will help us calmly handle the current energy changes. Swatten’s core product, the SiH1 series of hybrid inverters, is equipped with intelligent control of heating or high energy loads in the home, which will help them save money on their electricity bills. This will quickly realize Energy Minister Lily D’ambrosio’s vision of saving A$2,200 on household electricity!


In addition to providing you with cutting-edge smart photovoltaic solutions, we are committed to establishing a deeper connection with you. Feel free to click below to watch the exciting video of our year-round expos, gaining insights into our innovative technologies and our dedication to achieving an environmentally friendly and economically sound future. Let’s explore together and contribute to a more sustainable tomorrow!



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