| June 19, 2024

Dutton's "Plan" Delays For His Fossil Fuel Friends

“Today’s announcement by Peter Dutton would mark the end of falling electricity prices and falling emissions,” Smart Energy Council Chief Executive John Grimes said.

“It is a dark day for Australian households, workers and for renewable investors in the energy grid.”

“It is a dark day for the free market and for competition in the energy sector.”

“However, today is a great day to be a fossil fuel billionaire mate of the Coalition.”

“This announcement today is Peter Dutton’s end of financial year tax bill for the people of Australia – more than half a trillion dollars to fund his nuclear frolic.”

“It’s a tax bill funded by taxpayers and given to the coal industry.”

“What we have seen is Dutton talk about a nuclear power plant operational in Australia in 2035 –  tell him he’s dreaming.”

“Even if we built it as quickly as the Americans, who have decades of experience, and assuming it takes just 5 years to change the law, we are talking about a very optimistic operational date of the first reactor in 2047.”

“Till then we’ll be stuck with coal clunkers built in the 1960s and 1970s that are literally falling apart.”

“Coal is dead because no private investor wants to buy clapped out coal technology and spend money on keeping them going, but the Coalition does. That’s why it is such a good day for fossil fuel, because the Liberal and National Parties are underwriting them with taxpayer funds.”



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