| November 10, 2023

Circular Energy Launches "Energy Alliez" – Aimed to Cut Business Energy Bills by Up To 20%

Adelaide, SA — 13 November 2023 – Circular Energy announces the launch of “Energy Alliez,” a transformative service poised to reduce Australian businesses’ energy expenses by up to 20 per cent. This Energy as a Service solution champions sustainable, cost-effective energy management.

“As we approach a hot and dry summer, businesses are bracing for increased electricity usage, which threatens to increase operational costs, put additional demand on the grid, and increase carbon emissions. Circular Energy has developed ‘Energy Alliez’ to empower businesses to regain control of their energy usage while reducing their carbon footprint,” says Rodd Beitmanas, Co-Founder of Circular Energy.

This service is based on Circular Energy’s unique Electricity Sale and Sustainable Energy Infrastructure Agreements, enabling businesses to install and upgrade to modern energy infrastructure without upfront investment. This not only stabilizes energy costs but also supports broader sustainability goals.

Rodd Beitmanas, Jed Durdin, and Noon McNamara, the guiding force behind Circular Energy, blend deep expertise and an innovative approach to drive the company’s mission to a net-zero energy future.

Circular Energy’s work with over 500 customers across the nation signifies a robust shift towards sustainable energy. Jodie Hawkes, CEO at Bowhill Engineering, shares her experience: “Circular Energy’s support has been pivotal; they’ve simplified the process and helped us realize substantial energy savings.”

Partnered with the Smart Energy Council, Circular Energy is a key player in the shift towards a sustainable energy future. “Energy Alliez” is set to be an essential component in this transformation, ensuring accessible, reliable, and sustainable energy solutions for businesses and communities alike.

For further information on “Energy Alliez” and to participate in the energy transition, please reach out to Chris Galletti at chris@maximumenergy.com.au or 0421 822 338.

About Circular Energy

Founded in 2019, Circular Energy is a leader in scalable, future-ready energy solutions, addressing today’s energy challenges and anticipating tomorrow’s.



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