| June 14, 2024

Travelling with CEO John Grimes: China Delegation 2024

The Smart Energy Council China Delegation, led by our International Ambassador Annastacia Palaszczuk, has had a busy and productive few days, visiting JA Solar, Sungrow Power Supply Co, NIO and Tesla as well as the Shanghai New Energy Conference (SNEC).

NIO captivated delegates with their range of affordable electric cars, all meticulously crafted in their state-of-the-art factory. What’s truly mind-blowing is the speed at which they assemble each car – a staggering one minute! The entire process, from ordering through their user-friendly app to the seamless assembly in the factory, is a testament to the power of big data and AI integration. Similarly, Sungrow Power Supply, a key figure in Australia’s renewable energy industry, amazed us with their remarkable manufacturing capabilities and ground-breaking product innovations.

Delegate Robbie Coleman, from Greenwood Academy, said, “Game changer…the days have been packed, but incredibly inspiring. The value for us is in laying the foundations of relationships that will bear fruit in the coming years. The planning, and access, that has come with being part of this delegation has made China even more mind-blowing.”

Robbie has also shared his trip highlights with us in these videos:

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