| November 11, 2022

Bristol Springs Green Hydrogen Project Pre-Certification

Bristol Springs render

Australian listed renewable energy company Frontier Energy (ASX:FHE) today announced it will have its large-scale renewable hydrogen project in the heart of Western Australia certified under the Smart Energy Council’s Zero Carbon Certification Scheme.

Frontier’s renewable hydrogen project being developed in Waroona, 120km south of Perth in Western Australia, will undergo pre-certification to verify its ability to produce Zero Carbon Renewable Hydrogen. The Bristol Springs plant will be the third project assessed under the world leading scheme.

The verification procedure will also include an assessment of the production capacity, energy production and consumption, and additional energy requirements from auxiliary processes. Ultimately the audit will determine an emissions profile for the produced hydrogen, gauging how many kilograms of CO2-e are emitted per kilogram of hydrogen produced.

“Frontier Energy prides itself on being a first mover and the Zero Carbon pre-certification assessment will be a critical piece of the puzzle in moving this project forward, said Sam Lee Mohan, Managing Director & CEO of Frontier Energy.

“We are going to give our partners, shareholders and prospective green hydrogen customers confidence that our project will be 100 percent clean and made from 100 percent renewable energy,” said Lee Mohan.

“It is absolutely crucial that hydrogen projects are certified to prevent greenwashing. By awarding certification to projects that do the right thing, we can build a credible new industry based on transparency, and set Australia up as a renewable hydrogen superpower,” said John Grimes, CEO of the Smart Energy Council.

The Government of Western Australia is a founding partner in the Zero Carbon Certification Scheme. Frontier Energy has joined as the 16th partner in the Zero Carbon Certification Scheme, alongside the Queensland, Victorian and ACT State Governments, and leading developers Yara International and CWP Global.

Further Founding Partners include, Powerledger, Hydroverse, Star Scientific, Evoenergy, Energy Web, and the COP Climate Champions. The scheme is also supported by the partner initiative, the Green Hydrogen Catapult – a consortium of hydrogen developers seeking to rapidly scale up renewable hydrogen worldwide.


For interviews and more information, contact Scott Hamilton on 0401 714 861, or Max Hewitt at max@smartenergy.org.au or on 0411 367 614.



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