| October 23, 2023

EVO Power and SMA partner with Flow Power to deliver Australian-first DC coupled technology

EVO Power, a leader in energy storage technology, has successfully supplied their CONNECT Series Battery Storage for Flow Power’s Berri Energy Project in South Australia, which has a capacity to power up to 4,000 homes per year.

Evo Power Berri Solar Farm 2

Developed, built, owned, and operated by Flow Power, the Berri Energy Project is equipped with a 5.8 MW solar farm coupled with a 6.7 MWh battery energy storage system. It utilizes an SMA Central Inverter, Canadian Solar bifacial panels, and EVO Power’s CONNECT Series Battery Storage. Developed in collaboration with SMA, the CONNECT Series is an Australian-first DC coupled storage technology. It unlocks additional revenue streams for Flow Power by time-shifting energy, allowing the plant to participate in energy arbitrage and eventually provide critical market services, including Frequency Control Ancillary Services (FCAS).

“Rolling out this technology is a significant step forward, and we expect to deploy more like it in the future,” stated Flow Power COO Byron Serjeantson. “By offering the choice to store or export power depending on market conditions, the Berri site is making renewables more flexible and ultimately more competitive in our transforming energy market,” he continued.

According to EVO Power’s Managing Director, Deepak Nayak, “the CONNECT Series is a game changer for either new or existing solar power plant owners as it allows for clipping recapture, time-of-use Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs), PV smoothing, and ancillary services such as FCAS. The successful deployment of this novel technology is a testament to the value engineering offered by EVO Power across utility-scale battery storage projects in Australia.”

“We are thankful to Flow Power and SMA for their trust in us to supply this Australian-first DC coupled storage technology (CONNECT Series), and we look forward to continuing our valued partnership over the coming years,” he concluded.


About EVO Power

EVO Power is a leader in modular battery energy storage technology that enables the electrification of large commercial and small utility projects with fully integrated energy storage solutions.



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