| May 31, 2021

Antaisolar celebrates 15th anniversary with 2GW solar racking agreement signed with One Stop Warehouse and strategic cooperation with Paramount Group

On May 26th, Antaisolar, the leading supplier of the whole industry chain in PV mounting system, celebrated its 15th anniversary by announcing that 2GW solar racking signing agreement with One Stop Warehouse (OSW), the largest distributor in Australia, and strategic cooperation with Paramount Group (Paramount) in Bangladesh.

Mr. Anson Zhang, CEO of OSW, Mr. Andy and Mr. Tim from OSW, and senior manager from Paramount, Mr. Daniel Wang, Chinese representative from Paramount, Jasmine Huang, president of Antaisolar, Lloyd Li, general manager of Antaisolar, were attended the online signing ceremony.

2GW solar racking cooperation signed with OSW

 According to the agreement, Antaisolar will supply 2GW solar racking solutions to OSW from 2021 to 2024. This is another in-depth cooperation between the two parties since 2019.

“We’re extremely proud to achieve this milestone of 2-GW cooperation agreement on our 15-year anniversary with OSW, who has been deeply involved in Australia market for many years and named one of Australia’s fastest-growing Top 500 private companies in 2019. It’s excited to cooperate with OSW as it’s a tremendous opportunity to drive greater growth and accelerate Australian energy transition.“ Jasmine Huang, president of Antaisolar, said of partnership.

“ Antaisolar has been our valued partner and widely recognized by its high quality products and all-around service. The strategic partnership will enhance the advantages possessed by both parties in the solar power industry, allowing complementary efforts for fueling the transition to a low carbon economy.” said Mr. Anson Zhang, CEO o­f OSW.

Strategic partnership with Paramount Group

Antaisolar has partnered with Paramount on a 40MW utility solar project earlier this year. Bangladesh is best option for establish cooperation as the country is becoming a hotspot for the solar industry. The agreement calls for further cooperation in a wide range of solar racking portfolios for thriving utility sector. Through the strategic collaboration, Paramount and Antaisolar will team up to promote the energy transition in Bangladesh.

Antaisolar’s 15th anniversary was injected fresh impetus by the two strategic cooperation agreements. Based on the vision of “Backbone for Solar World,” as of the end of April 2021, Antaisolar had cumulated provided over 15GW of solar racking around the world. Antaisolar will joint with global partners to achieve carbon-neutrality and heading to next 15 years.




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