| September 28, 2021

ACT at the forefront of renewable hydrogen developments

The ACT’s emergence as a centre for hydrogen excellence and leadership role in renewable hydrogen developments is being boosted by the ACT Renewables Hub through a successful strategy that links stakeholders with innovators.

The catalyst for activities is the ACT Government’s 2020 announcement to ramp up green hydrogen, which is produced from renewable energy, to help meet its target of net zero emissions by 2045.

The ACT has already established several renewable hydrogen projects that deliver on its commitment, including:

  • a test facility for examining how hydrogen could be used to help decarbonise the local gas network
  • a hydrogen refuelling station to help deliver on the ACT Government’s Zero Emissions Vehicle Strategy, and
  • the ACT Renewable Hydrogen Cluster.

Evo Energy, the Smart Energy Council, the ACT Renewables Hub, and the Australian National University have been funded by NERA (National Energy Resources Australia) to establish the Renewable Hydrogen Cluster.

The ACT Renewables Hub, funded by the ACT Government and managed by the Smart Energy Council, is a strong supporter of the sector and remains pivotal to local developments.

In keeping with its mission to broadcast important milestones and link experts and stakeholders, the ACT Renewables Hub recently hosted the webinar ‘Supercharging Hydrogen with Renewables’.

Presenters, including Megan Ward from Neoen, outlined how they were leading developments in a series of renewable hydrogen projects in and around the ACT.

Fiona Beck from the ANU discussed the emissions implications of different hydrogen production technologies and how best to deploy the solutions.

Zero Carbon Hydrogen Australia’s Max Hewitt outlined the use cases for renewable hydrogen and outlined the likely path within the ACT and Australia.

The session was rounded out with a short seminar on some of the tax incentives available to renewable businesses in the ACT, presented by Nexia.

The webinar is a good example of how the ACT Renewables Hub is actively engaging with the renewables sector and boosting innovative initiatives within both the public and private sectors of the ACT.

“All our efforts are focused on maintaining an industry-friendly platform that facilitates synergies and drives collaboration while supporting the territory’s trailblazing role in decarbonising energy systems,” said Hub Manager Alethia Barceinas.


For further information, contact Alethia Barceinas at alethia@actrenewableshub.org.au or 0452 414 070.

The ACT Renewables Hub is a forum for the Renewable Energy Industry to connect and share knowledge and business opportunities through collaboration, events and innovative platforms.



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